Part 1 - Sharing your Garden with Wildlife

Howe to be a champion for wildlife in your garden

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Native wildlife is struggling with changes in land use and habitat loss, especially in urban areas, but with a few simple changes our  gardens can become an inviting place for local fauna to visit and live.

This the 1st in a series of 10 Sustainable Gardening webinars presented by Sustainable Gardening Australia . This series is brought to you by Banyule and Manningham Councils as part of the Middle Yarra Spring Outdoors program.

Middle Yarra Spring Outdoors Sustainable Gardening Series

1. Sharing your Garden with Wildlife - An Introduction - Thursday 1st October from 7pm

In this webinar you will learn how to become a ‘Champion for Wildlife’ by incorporating food sources, water, shelter and nesting places in your garden for our indigenous animals.

2. Soil Care in a Wildlife Garden - Thursday 8th October from 7pm

All gardens begin and end in the soil.  In this webinar we will dive into the world of soil and how to care of it so your indigenous / wildlife garden flourishes and becomes a welcome home for wildlife.

3. Inviting Small Birds to your Garden - Thursday 15th October from 7pm

Small birds are often missing from our gardens. In this webinar you will learn about some of the challenges small birds face in the urban environment and what can be done to invite them back to visit and maybe make a home in your garden.

4. Inviting Frogs to your Garden - Thursday 22nd October from 7pm

Frogs are an important but vulnerable part of the eco-system and there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the croak of frogs in your garden. In this webinar, you will learn what to do in your garden to attract frogs.

5. Growing Fruit and Veggies in a Wildlife Garden - Thursday 29th October from 7pm

How do you grow fruit and veggies in your garden in a way that doesn't harm wildlife whilst ensuring you can still enjoy the harvest? This Webinar will introduce the strategies of Integrated Garden Management (IGM) as ways to reduce the use of harmful garden chemicals and also highlight low impact ways to reduce the risks of wildlife eating all of your crop.

6. Getting Started with Organic Gardening - Thursday 5th November from 7pm

Growing your own organic veggies can be very satisfying, good for your health and the environment but where do you start?  This webinar will start you on your organic gardening journey so you, and the environment, can enjoy the benefits of growing some of your own fresh and healthy food.

7. Preparing for Summer Harvest - Thursday 12th November from 7pm

Spring is the time to prepare your garden for a bumper Summer harvest. This webinar will cover what to do to prepare your veggie garden for the Summer Harvest and the veggie options you may want to grow.

8. The Thrifty Gardener - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the Garden - Thursday 19th November from 7pm

There is no waste in nature.  The earth's resources are limited and so much energy has already been invested making all the things that are at the end of their first life, but it doesn’t need to end there. Be inspired to reuse materials in your garden to help the environment and make your garden unique, beautiful, functional and productive on a budget.

9. Water Smart Gardening - Thursday 26th November from 7pm

Gardens are important to us, our health, our community and local wildlife and with some simple water smart techniques we can keep them beautiful and productive even when water is scarce.  In this webinar, we will introduce ways to conserve water, while maintaining healthy and productive gardens.

10. Climate Action in the Garden - Thursday 3rd December from 7pm

The garden is more than just an outdoor room.   It can be a place of Climate Action where you can connect with the environment and implement changes to reduce your contribution to climate change and help build climate resilience. In this Webinar we will use the Climate7 framework to explore how gardening can be a part of your Climate Action plan.

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Richard Rowe

Richard works as an environmental educator for school children at Edendale Farm in Eltham, runs the training program for Sustainable Gardening Australia and operates a small worm farm business for office organic waste recycing. He is also a founding committee member of Local Food Connect which runs the Eltham Farmers Market.

Nicole Griffiths

Nicole is a qualified teacher with over ten years of experience as an educator and presenter. She has a particular interest in edible gardening and has worked with both school and community kitchen garden programs.

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What you will learn
  • How to add some habitat elements to your garden to attract wildlife
What you will get
  • Notes
  • 2 weeks access to a recording of the webinar

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  • A comfy chair and a cuppa
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Webinar casual

Appropriate for

Home gardeners, environmentally concerned

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05 October 2020 • Part 1 - Sharing your Garden with Wildlife

The session was absolutely fantastic. I’be just moved into a house with my first garden and had no idea where to start. The session with Sustainable Gardening Australia gave me a holistic view of how to plan the garden for wildlife, gave fantastic notes, and really practical suggestions for what to do and how to get started. I’ve already got my bird box, and have started planting some really lovely Indigenous plants. I’m excited to make it into a safe haven for local wildlife!


03 October 2020 • Part 1 - Sharing your Garden with Wildlife

Very informative!


02 October 2020 • Part 1 - Sharing your Garden with Wildlife

Absolutely wonderful. The information shared was informative, succinct and friendly. I have already taken some ideas away with me to implement. Thanks Richard and Ellie.

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